Customer Reviews

Thanks for all the great service over the years! You are always there to fix my tools up in a pinch. And when I need something new for the business you've always been a great help!!!!
Helena Luyten of Helena's Gardening, Mitchell, ON

I am pleased to be a fan of Wighty's Repairs. John and Teresa take excellent care of both my Yamaha snowmobile and my baby, my Harley Rocker bike. To show how great they are, I had a tire go on me while riding this past summer while on vacation, and had the bike towed to Wighty's. Immediately John and Teresa got working on finding me the best quality tires they could at the best possible price, and within one day, my Harley was back in my hands with safe, new rubber, and I was riding again. When it comes time to getting the snowmobile fired up, whenever it has not co-operated after a long summer in storage, John comes to my house and gets it running perfectly! How many shops will do that for their customers?

Check them out, you wont be sorry!!

Terry McKone, Mitchell, ON

I have been dealing with Wighty's coming into my 6th year. For 4 years I had a 1500cc Vulcan Classic, which I had purchased at Wighty's. All service work was done at Wighty's. Last May I upgraded to a Vulcan 1700 Voyager. In the past year I continued to have my bike serviced at Wighty's. I have only good remarks to contribute to the fine service and treatment by John and Teresa. All work done was in a timely manner. Teresa is very knowledgeable on parts and accessories available for bikes. John is very efficient and knowledegable with the service he provides. I on a number of occasions have watched John work on my bike. I have witnessed him when complete to double check and even triple check his work when complete to ensure everything has been tightened and properly installed. He does not just change a tire, he re-greases and cleans any foreign material off the rim or bike and again will put the wrench back on it to ensure it's tightness. I have not seen this done at other locations when my friends have work done on their bikes. I have respect and admiration for John and Teresa and will continue my support for the work they do. I am a satisfied customer of Wighty's Repairs.
Bob Rosehart Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers, Varna, ON

I recommend Wighty’s in Mitchell. I have been using Wighty’s Repairs for all of my motorcycle services and supplies for the past five years, and have always been completely satisfied.

John and his staff show countless professionalism, great attention to detail when finding and repairing issues that have arisen with both of the vehicles we have had them working on, they also share information regarding concerns that may bring up a bigger problem later on. John and his staff have even gone as far as alerting other owners of a very obscure issue that was found, to make sure that they are kept aware of issues that they may come across. They also take time to listen to their customer’s concerns and questions and give answers in a very professional, yet easy to understand format.

I have recommended Wighty’s too many friends in our community and am proud to recommend their services.

Richard Martin Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers, Listowel, ON